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IMF Best Practices for Packaging & Delivery
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IMF Best Practices | Packaging & Delivery

Best practices for IMF packaging and delivery.

Current working version can be viewed here.


Tracking comments in Google Docs or Word can be tedious as being word processors, they do not offer the relevant functionality. If you have an issue with something within the document or wish to contribute to it, please adhere to the process outlined as follows;

  1. Create a new issue within this repository clearly stating the issue/contribution as succinct as possible in the title.
  2. Elaborate on it in the issue body.
  3. Back in the document, comment with the issue ID, linking it with the URL.

NOTE: Any text comments made in the document itself without a Github issue link risk been overlooked.


All communication to the group as a whole pertaining to the progress herein is done so via the designated IMF UG reflector: There will be NO communication to the main reflector unless directed to do so by the UG chair. If you are interested in this work, subscribe to the the mailing list here.

Be aware that in order to suscribe to the mailing list, one needs to be a member of the User Group. You can apply for membership here.

To remain up to date on progress; click the 'Watch' button above.


An initial first draft of the work can be found here.

NOTE: This is not a working document. It is included here for reference purposes until the work of this group is deemed complete. Please see the current working version.


Please see LICENSE.txt and CONTRIBUTING.txt before using or contributing to this work.

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