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processing = require './processing'
common = require './common'
msgflo = require 'msgflo-nodejs'
ProcessImageParticipant = (client, role) ->
definition =
component: 'imgflo-server/ProcessImage'
icon: 'file-image-o'
label: 'Executes image processing jobs'
inports: [
id: 'job'
type: 'object'
outports: [
id: 'jobresult'
type: 'object'
func = (inport, job, send) ->
throw new Error 'Unsupported port: ' + inport if inport != 'job'
# XXX: use an error queue?
@executor.doJob job, (result) ->
send 'jobresult', null, result
return new msgflo.participant.Participant client, definition, func, role
exports.getParticipant = (config, role='imgflo_worker') ->
options =
prefetch: 4
client = msgflo.transport.getClient config.broker_url, options
participant = ProcessImageParticipant client, role
participant.executor = new processing.JobExecutor config
return participant
exports.main = ->
config = common.getProductionConfig()
role = process.argv[2]
participant = exports.getParticipant config, role
process.on 'uncaughtException', (err) ->
console.log 'Uncaught exception: ', err
console.log err.stack
participant.executor.on 'logevent', (id, data) ->
console.log "EVENT: #{id}:", data
participant.start (err) ->
throw err if err
console.log "#{role} started using broker #{config.broker_url}"
console.log "with workdir #{config.workdir}"
console.log "with #{config.cache_type} cache"