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The heka_exporter reads a config file which describes a set of Prometheus metrics. It listens for heka messages, extracts the specified fields and exposes the metrics for consumption by Prometheus.


The heka_exporter is configured by providing a json file with a list of metric definitions under the key metrics:

  "metrics": [
    { ... },
    { ... }

Each metric definition consists of:

  • name: The name of the resulting Prometheus metric
  • help: The help string for the Prometheus metric
  • type: The metric type (counter, gauge, histogram or summary)
  • labels: Dynamatic labels where value refers to Heka variables
  • matcher: (Optional, all matched by default) Only messages matching this Heka matcher will be considered
  • matcher_zero (Optional) Create a metric with value 0 for matching message
  • value: (Optional for counters) The Heka variables to take the metric value from
  • buckets: (Required for histograms) Buckets into which observations are counted
  • const_labels: (Optional) set of static labels for metric

value can be omitted for counters in which case the metric get incremented by 1 for every message that matched. If a matcher is set, only the matching messages will get processed. For details on the matcher syntax, see the Heka documentation.

The values in labels and value refer to Heka fields. To access other variables, the following @-prefixed keywords can be used:

  • @hostname
  • @logger
  • @pid
  • @severity
  • @timestamp

The macher_zero matcher definition can be used to initialize metrics. If a message matches this, a metric gets created even if matcher doesn't match. The value defauts to 0. This is only needed for special cases where it's required that a metric get first set to 0.

Building it

The exporter depends on the heka go libraries. You need to build them first or at least use yacc to create the parser code:

cd $GOPATH/src/
go tool yacc -l=false -o=message_matcher_parser.go message_matcher_parser.y

Run go build in the root of this repository to build the heka_exporter.


Set Prometheus metrics based on heka messages







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