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@Btopp Btopp released this Apr 16, 2021



  • Constructors of some classes are handled incorrectly which results in IllegalArgumentException.
  • Missing keep annotation in ProGuard rules.
  • The Alpha channel of exported transparent images has the wrong colors.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Apr 1, 2021



  • "Configuration with name 'compile' not found" issue while compiling with newer Gradle version.
  • Text alignment is not serialized correctly.
  • Exporting in some specific resolutions results in an endless export spinner.
  • The sticker imgly_sticker_emoticons_grin got a wrong option mode.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Mar 22, 2021



  • NetworkOnMainThreadException while reading or writing serialization. (Please make sure to read and write the serialization only from a WorkerThread.)
  • Out-of-index OpenGL warnings thrown by some GPU drivers.
  • pesdk_editor_button_somethingWentWrongCloseEditor string value was never used by the imgly_popup_error_dialog.xml.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Feb 25, 2021



  • Reduced the methods count of the serializer module by about 12,5k methods.


  • IllegalArgumentException: "Cannot round NaN value" when adding TextGlLayer before staring the editor.
  • Sticker tint color is not written to serialization.
  • Color lists do not scroll to the position of the selected color.


  • The displayed title of text input changed to "Add Text".
  • Default blend mode of the vintage overlay has changed from BlendMode.MULTIPLY to BlendMode.OVERLAY.


  • pesdk_text_title_input and pesdk_textDesign_title_input to string values to make the text input titles configurable.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Feb 11, 2021



  • The app freezes when the export finishes while the editor is in the background.
  • The hasChanges flag is true if the user changes something but revert it.
    • This can result in exports even if nothing has changed.
  • The Editor preview is broken after export.
  • The @throws annotation of some methods are broken since v8.0.0 because of internal kotlin changes.
  • Video export progress is wrong if export is trimmed.
  • The TransformTool opens even if there is a CropAspectAsset which fits the aspect ratio and the ForceCrop.SHOW_TOOL_WHEN_CROP_UNMATCHED is selected.
  • Videos with odd width or height of the crop results in a crash and an endless loop while exporting.


  • Overridable onExportDone(result: EditorSDKResult) : Boolean in EditorActivity, allows to exports multiple times.
  • Overridable onExportStart(stateHandler: StateHandler) in EditorActivity, allows to change settings before starting to export.
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  • v8.0.8
  • 75284f5
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  • v8.0.8
  • 75284f5
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@svendvd svendvd released this Jan 14, 2021



  • ConfigLoader (React Native, Cordova/Ionic).
    • 🚨 Wrapper, always exports even without changes.
  • EditorSDKResult.resultIsDifferentThenSource is always true.
  • 🚨 The result URI is null if export would be skipped, but should be the source URI instead.
  • Crash when drawing with a large brush face on a huge image.
  • Brush is sometimes not drawn completely.
  • Colored brush has bad quality.
  • Maximum Video resolution is calculated wrong, results in an endless loop while export.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Dec 18, 2020



  • Write serialization as ByteArray is broken.
  • ConfigLoader (React Native, Cordova)
    • Aspect Ratio labels do not display.
  • LayerSettings are not replaceable by StateHandler.replaceStateClass.
  • [VideoEditorSDK] Video disappears when resume from background.
  • [PhotoEditorSDK] Image disappears when resume from background.
  • Some classes and methods are not open as in version 7.
  • OutOfMemoryException of the brush tool.
  • v8.0.6 is not compilable with ReactNative or Cordova wrapper.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Dec 10, 2020



  • 🚨 WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE was notated with a maximum API level of 28.
  • Font icons of TextTool not rendered correctly at all. v8.0.3 and v8.0.5 does not fixing this issue.
  • Artifacts on some devices while loading image or video.
  • Serialization rewritten for better performance, smaller code, and removing of third-party library.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Nov 26, 2020



  • Camera do not capture an image if doOpenEditorAfterCapture is false.
  • Font icons of TextTool not rendered correctly on API 23 and below.
  • Some classes and methods are not open as in version 7.
  • Editor crashes when using SaveSettings instead of VideoEditorSaveSettings or PhotoEditorSaveSettings.
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@Btopp Btopp released this Nov 12, 2020



  • Some assets are removed by history.
  • Sound is broken while preview and export.
  • Editor crashes without configuring VideoEditorSaveSettings or PhotoEditorSaveSettings.
  • Filename of exported videos are prefixed with "img_" by default.
  • CameraPreviewActivity is not open to be extensionable.
  • Adding multiple stickers at the same time.
  • Fast trim video export crashes on some devices.
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