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description: The PhotoEditor SDK for iOS provides all the tools necessary to enhance your App with state-of-the-art photo editing features, effects, and assets.
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Our SDK provides all the tools necessary for adding photo editing capabilities to your iOS application with a large variety of filters that can be previewed in real-time. Unlike other apps that allow a live preview of filters, the PhotoEditor SDK provides a live preview even when using high-resolution images. The framework is written in Swift and allows for easy customization. Additionally, we support adding stickers and text in a non-destructive manner, which means that you can change the position, size, scale and order at any given time, even after applying other effects or cropping the photo.

Using a Trial License

Make sure you have a standard license before releasing your app. A trial license is valid for only 30 days. An expired trial license will add a watermark on top of any photos that are displayed or exported. Your trial license should be removed before releasing your app.


  • 62 stunningly beautiful built-in filters to choose from.
  • Native code: Our rendering engine is based on Apple's Core Image, therefore we dodge all the nasty OpenGL problems other frameworks are facing.
  • iPad support: The PhotoEditor SDK uses auto layout for its views and adapts to each screen size - iPhone or iPad.
  • Design filters in Photoshop: With most photo editing frameworks you have to tweak values in code or copy & paste them from Photoshop or your favorite image editor. With our response technology this becomes a thing of the past. Design your filter in Photoshop and apply it to the provided identity image afterward. Said image will 'record' the filter response - save it and add it as a new filter, done!
  • Swift: To keep up with the time, we chose Swift as the main development language for the PhotoEditor SDK, resulting in lean and straightforward code.
  • Live preview: Filters can be previewed directly in the camera preview.
  • Low memory footprint: We were able to reduce our memory footprint significantly.
  • Non-destructive: Don't like your changes to the picture? No problem, just undo or even discard them. Of course you can redo them afterward as well!
  • Highly customizable: Style the UI as you wish to meet your requirements.
  • Objective-C support: All of our public API is Objective-C compatible.
  • Fast: Our renderer uses hardware acceleration and the GPU, which makes it lightning fast.

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