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platform: android
version: v7
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![{{page.title}} tool]({{ site.baseurl }}/assets/images/guides/{{page.platform}}/{{page.version}}/screenshot_{{page.title | downcase}}.jpg){: height="400px" .center-image}

The high performant brush engine of the VideoEditor SDK is optimized for touch screen interaction and supports different brush strokes that can be edited in terms of thickness and color.

The backend settings are implemented in the BrushSettings class and displayed using the BrushToolPanel. If you want to customize the appearance of this tool, take a look at the [styling]({{ site.baseurl }}/guides/{{page.platform}}/{{page.version}}/customization/styling) section.

Example: How to set the default brush values:

{% capture first_snippet_ExampleConfigUtility_configBrush %} Java

// Obtain the config from you settingsList
BrushSettings brushSettings = settingsList.getSettingsModel(BrushSettings.class);

{% endcapture %}{% capture second_snippet_ExampleConfigUtility_configBrush %} Kotlin

// Obtain the config from you settingsList
val brushSettings = settingsList.getSettingsModel(
brushSettings.brushColor = ColorValue(0xFFFF0000)
brushSettings.brushHardness = 1f
brushSettings.brushSize = 0.5f

{% endcapture %}{% assign snippets = "" | split: "" | push: first_snippet_ExampleConfigUtility_configBrush | push: second_snippet_ExampleConfigUtility_configBrush %} {% capture identifier %}{{page.title}}-{{page.version}}-ExampleConfigUtility_configBrush{% endcapture %} {% include multilingual_code_block.html snippets=snippets identifier=identifier %}

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