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Cordova Tizen

Cordova Tizen is a skeleton web application which allows a developer to build and run a Cordova web application on Tizen.
Cordova port to tizen is done thanks to a simple JS wrapper (shim layer) doing the mapping of the Cordova Web API to the Tizen Web API.

Set up your environment

Open a terminal, and navigate to the root cordova-tizen folder. A Makefile resides here; You can run make on individual target tasks:

  • make js - builds phonegap.js from source javascript files to libs/phonegap.js
  • make copy_js - copies libs/phonegap.js to framework/phonegap-$(PGVERSION).js (e.g: phonegap-1.5.0.js). Modify this path if you want it in another location.
  • make sample_app - package the skeleton web application as a "wgt" widget package which can be imported from Tizen SDK IDE. (File->Import->Widget [Project and Widget File] -> select widget)

Implementation Status

The current implementation is based on Tizen SDK Beta release: see


  • Device: wrapper on Tizen System Information Web API.
  • File: wrapper on W3C File API (FileTransfer missing).
  • Storage: W3C Web SQL Database and W3C Web Storage.
  • Geolocation: W3C Geolocation API.
  • URI schemes: (tel:, sms:, mmsto:, mailto:) supported by WRT.


  • Contacts: wrapper on Tizen Contact Web API.
  • Events: online/offline: wrapper Browser Online state.
  • Accelerometer: wrapper on W3C sensor API or W3C Device Orientation Events API.
  • Compass: wrapper on W3C sensor API or W3C Device Orientation Events API.

ToDo when APIs supported by Tizen SDK

  • Connection: W3C Network Information.
  • Notification: W3C Web Notification/W3C vibration API.
  • Camera: Tizen Application Web API or W3C HTML Media Capture.
  • Capture: Tizen Application Web API or W3C HTML Media Capture, GetUserMedia API.
  • Events: battery: wrapper on W3C battery API.
  • Media: Tizen Application Web API or HTML5 Audio.