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K9sAlpha v1.0.0-rc.2

28 Apr 16:14
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K9sAlpha v1.0.0-rc.2 Pre-release

Release Notes

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The Historical Documents

What's your deal?

In this RC we've added additional checks on main resources to isolate workloads issues. Pressing the toggle Ctrl-Z on a resource view will highlight resources exhibiting conditions or other issues causing it to not be operating nominally. Using the info shortcut aka i will display an issues panel to highlight problem areas with your resources. In addition, the info panel will display details about the selected resource available labels and annotations

Pulses With Pluses!

Say that three times fast... In this drop, we've revamped the pulses view to get a better sense of a cluster vitals at a glance. The new view reports status on critical resources as well a cluster wide resource status such as nodes, namespace, cpu and memory metrics,... The Pulses view can be accessed via either :pulse, pulses or pu for short. The pulses can also display namespace specific resources when issuing pulses my_ns

Resolved Issues

  • Issue #3 - Index out of range while scaling a deployment

And That's A Wrap!

Thank you all once again for your time reading all this and for your support for K9s饾湺!

漏 2021 Imhotep Software LLC. All materials licensed under Apache v2.0

K9sAlpha v1.0.0-rc.1

14 Mar 18:06
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K9sAlpha v1.0.0-rc.1 Pre-release

Release Notes

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鈾 Sounds Behind The Release 鈾

The Historical Documents


Remember the good old issue while shelling into a container and the first char was getting swallowed?
Well as of this drop this now works as expected.

[New] Roger! Copy that...

Another highly demanded feature for K9s was the ability to upload/download artifacts from your containers.
Kubectl does offer a cp option to copy files in out of containers. K9sAlpha now offers a new shortcut t to transfer files/directory while in podView.
Pressing t while selecting a pod, will present a dialog to either upload or download artificats directly to your containers.

NOTE! As per the kubectl cp documentation, tar must be available on your containers for this feature to work correctly.

Look Who Is Back?

During the initial Alpha drop, Helm had to take one for the team ;( As of this drop, Helm charts support is back on with a vengence!
To access your charts use the command :chart and you will able to see all your cluster's installed charts. You can describe or view the charts yaml manifests. Additionally, you can now manage your Helm releases directly in K9s by pressing enter on a given chart. Furthermore, you will also be able to rollback to a previous chart release while in the chart releases view.

[New] Argo Pipeline Support

As of this drop, we've added support for Argo Workflows. We've implemented a more opinionated Argo workflow/workflow CRDs view so that you can view and manage your pipelines directly from K9sAlpha. Using the command :workflow you will be able to view all workflows installed on you cluster and manage them accordingly. To boot, you will be able to view your pipeline stages executing live on your clusters by pressing enter on a selected workflow. You can also view logs for the overall pipeline or for a single stage.

And That's A Wrap!

Thank you all once again for your time reading all this and for your support for K9s饾湺!

漏 2021 Imhotep Software LLC. All materials licensed under Apache v2.0

K9sAlpha v1.0.0-rc.0

28 Feb 16:57
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K9sAlpha v1.0.0-rc.0 Pre-release

Release Notes

Well it's finally here! A little later than planned, yes. Worth the wait? We think so. K9sAlpha has a new code base, bunch of bug fixes and some new features. That said, we're bracing for a rough departure ;( Though we've tried to flush as many bugs as possible prior to releasing Alpha in the wild, many issues likely remain. So please, keep your issues/PR tools handy and help us flush out issues so we can stabilize promptly.

You can expect some rapid release fires (in good'ol K9s fashion) as we stabilize and make K9s饾灙 better for all of us!

I am, as ever, grateful and humbled by all of you for your continued love and support for this project.
Thank you!!

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鈾 Sounds Behind The Release 鈾

The Historical Documents

Sanitize Me!

Are you or your co-workers leaving jobs/crons turds in completed or error states all over your clusters?

Fear not, Alpha got you! Introducing a new command z available in pod view think of it as your pods MrClean as it cleans out any pods left out in those states. When z is activated a dialog will prompt you to confirm this operation.

Restart Me Job!

Often enough when a job fails you might just want to restart it as the timing might have been off. This might sound like a trivial operation, but it is not easily achieved via kubectl. While in job view, you can now hit r to restart your job.

Is The Idiot Light On?

Have you ever deleted a namespace/node/deployment/etc.. on your prod clusters?
Almost happened to me!

We've added a new configuration to further guard from nuking your precious resources via what we like to call the IdiotLight. When this configuration option is set to true, all deletions will be asking you to type in the name of the resource you want to delete to make sure you think a bit more about it, prior to blindly pressing OK. This option is available globally and can also be overridden at the context level too!

ReadOnly Contexts

K9s offered a readOnly mode to disable any potentially damaging actions. This option could be set via a CLI arg or in the general configuration. Now, you can set this mode on a per context basis which will catch you for blowing things away on clusters where you're not supposed to.

Please see Context Config Section


A lot of good folks have voiced issues with K9s being yet another tool cluttering their home directory with another dotfile. To this end we've moved all K9sAlpha configurations, state, etc... to conform to the XDG Specification. In short, you have full control of where to store your K9s饾灙 artifacts by either using the XDG recommended defaults or overriding them using XDG env variables.

Please see General Config Section


Workloads are defined using your favorite Kubernetes resource finder aka labels. By employing strategic labeling in your resources manifests, you can further refine related resources using labels based queries in your namespaces. K9sAlpha leverages this very feature to allow you to define workloads and view their related resources all in a single view.
This introduces a new command :workload(s) or :wk for short to open the Workloads view. While in the view, you can perform CRUD operations on your workload definitions and settings. When selecting a particular workload and pressing enter you now view all the associated resources. In K9s tradition, this view is hot and will be updated to reflect the current state of these resources in your cluster.

Please see Workload Section


If you've ever wondered why the K9sAlpha release was delayed? Well here is the guy!

Related to workload definitions, you now also have a Delta feature that helps you ensure your source of truth aka the manifests on disk match their counterpart resource deployed on your cluster. Thus if you try to CowBoy a deployment and make changes directly on the cluster Delta will catch you. In order to activate this feature, you will need to enter either a file or a directory of manifest files/dirs in the Manifests field for the workloads specified above. Pressing d while in either Worloads or Workload views will surface the Delta view that shows a report of the deltas found on your workload.

NOTE! At this time, K9s饾灙 deltas only supports either straight up Kubernetes manifests or Kustomized ones.

NOTE! This is a very hard feature to get just right. I am sure we will have many more iteration on this to ensure the reports are correct and won't through false positives/negatives.


Oh wait! here is another one that delayed the drop ;(.

While in Workload view, a cluster resource scanner will be activated to highlight potential issues with your resources configuration. Previously, one could get a Popeye report via the popeye command. We've changed this feature and rewrote the scanners to allow you to view issues directly while Alpha in in workload mode. Pressing r surfaces a new Radar view that highlights the scans report.

NOTE! Both deltas and scans are expensive to run so there will be a delay showing updates so please be patient as the reported figures are eventually consistent!

NOTE! I owe a bunch of docs here too. If you're so inclined, please help!

NOTE! Scans are currently limited to your usual resource suspects ie the one you typically get via kubectl get all + PV/PVC. As this feature firms up, we will be adding more and deeper scans.

And That's A Wrap!

We hope this will be a smooth transition, if not we're prepared to resolve a lot issues on this rc drop as these features are quite tricky to implement and complex. We will work with each one of you, as customary, to ensure we ramp up quality first before moving on to the next batch of features for the subsequent K9sAlpha drops!

If you have questions about licenses, group pricing, non-profit, education, discounts, etc..., please ping me directly.

Thank you all once again for your time reading all this and for your continued excitement for K9s饾湺!

漏 2021 Imhotep Software LLC. All materials licensed under Apache v2.0