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Latest commit 27a87ff @xplodwild xplodwild Merge commit 'a0e5fd4'; branch 'ics' of ssh://…
…/android_device_samsung_galaxynote into HEAD
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bdaddr_read Various fixes...
camera camera: Bring in latest galaxys2 camera wrapper
configs more changes from galaxys2
gpswrapper Updated stuff for I9220ZSLP1
overlay more changes from galaxys2
recovery recovery: Use BGRA8888, fixes banding
releasetools Updated stuff for I9220ZSLP1
tvout Updated stuff for I9220ZSLP1
tvouthack Updated stuff for I9220ZSLP1
usr Add e-pen IDC file - fix orientation issues with e-pen Cleaning up .mk files Finished renaming device to galaxynote more changes from galaxys2 Cleaning up .mk files
board-info.txt Initial import
cm.dependencies Move to inbuilt kernel building, update wifi paths Updated stuff for I9220ZSLP1 more changes from galaxys2 Fixed typos Add e-pen IDC file - fix orientation issues with e-pen
init.smdk4210.rc Start gpsd service
init.smdk4210.usb.rc shake it!
lpm.rc fix low power mode charging
recovery.fstab shake it!
recovery.rc ADB root in recovery Build stage2 initramfs into kernel.
system.prop shake it!
ueventd.smdk4210.rc shake it! Initial import
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