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IMITATOR is an open source software tool to perform automated parameter synthesis for concurrent timed systems. IMITATOR takes as input a network of IMITATOR parametric timed automata (NIPTA): NIPTA are an extension of parametric timed automata [AHV93], a well-known formalism to specify and verify models of systems where timing constants can be replaced with parameters, i.e., unknown constants.

IMITATOR addresses several variants of the following problem: given a concurrent timed system, what are the values of the timing constants that guarantee that the model of the system satisfies some property? Specifically, IMITATOR implements:

  • parametric safety and parametric reachability analysis [AHV93,JLR15],
  • parametric deadlock-freeness checking [Andre16],
  • cycle-existence synthesis,
  • cycle-existence synthesis under the non-Zenoness assumption [ANPS17],
  • the inverse method (also known as (robust) language or trace preservation synthesis) [ACEF09,AM15],
  • the behavioral cartography [AF10], and
  • parametric reachability preservation (PRP and PRPC) [ALNS15].

Numerous analysis options are available.

IMITATOR is able to run in a distributed fashion on a cluster (using the PRPC algorithm).

IMITATOR is mainly a command-line tool, but that can output results in graphical form. Furthermore, a graphical user interface is available in the CosyVerif platform.

IMITATOR was able to verify numerous case studies from the literature and from the industry, such as communication protocols, hardware asynchronous circuits, schedulability problems with uncertain periods and various other systems such as coffee machines (probably the most critical systems from a researcher point of view). Numerous benchmarks are available at the IMITATOR Web page, or on github.

For more info, please visit


formal verification, model checking, software verification, parameter synthesis, parametric timed automata


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