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Apache Kafka Adapter

This adapter module provides an Apache Kafka messaging service for Imixs-Workflow events.

Workflow Message Autowire

With Imixs-Kafka you can easily send Workflow Messages automatically during the processing life-cycle. With the Autowire-Function new process instances are send into a Kafka Message Queue so that any consumer interested in workflow events can consume the message and react in various ways.

The Adapter filters Workflow events by its Model Version, so you can control which kind of workflows should be send into a message queue.

Workflow Messages based on Business Logic

Another way to send Workflow Messages into a Kafka queue is the Imixs-Adapter Class.


This implementation is based on the Imixs-Adapter concept and allows a more fine grained modeling of a asynchronous service integration.

The Imixs-Kafka Adapter can be configured directly in a BPMN 2.0 Model.

You can configure the integration of the Kakfa Producer Service in various ways.

Consuming Worklfow Message

The other way to integrate Imixs-Workflow into a Kafka infrastructure is to send Workflow Messages to a Kafka queue to be processed by the Imixs-Workflow Instance. In this way a client sends a Process Instance to a predefined topic.

Imixs-Workflow will automatically consume those messages and process the workflow data. In this way messages can be used to trigger the event-based Imixs-Workflow engine.

To test the behavior of the Imxis Kafka Adapter, you can run Imixs-Microservices as a custom image. The project provides a setup to include the Imixs Kafka Adapter and create a custom build.

How to create a custom Docker Image from Imixs-Microservcie

To create a custom Docker image of the Imixs-Microservice just checkout the project from Github and add the Imixs-Adapters-Kafka dependency into the maven pom.xml:


The Imixs-Microservice project already includes this dependency in the pom.xml. You need to uncomment the dependency and than build the new Image

$ cd ~/git/imixs-microservice
$ mvn clean install -Pdocker-build

Now you have a local Docker image of the Imixs-Microservice including the Apache-Kafka adapter project.

Switch back into the imixs-adapter-kafka project and start the Imixs-Microservice Container with the docker-compose.yml file:

$ cd ~/git/imixs-adapters/imixs-adapters-kafka/
$ docker-compose up

This docker-compose.yml file will start the following components in a Docker stack:

  • Imixs-Microservice including the Kafka Adapter and running in Wildfly Debug mode listening to port 8787
  • Postgres DB for Imixs-Workflow
  • Apache Kafka single node cluster
  • Zookeeper

Take note of the following setup within the docker-compose.yml file:

    image: wurstmeister/kafka:latest
      - target: 9094
        published: 9094
        protocol: tcp
        mode: host
      KAFKA_ZOOKEEPER_CONNECT: zookeeper:2181

This defines port 9092 for the internal network communication with kafka (kafka:9092). The port number 9094 is for the outside communication and bound to the host name 'localhost'. This is for local dev test only. In production environment you can add the real host name here or use the following bash command to resolve the host name from the docker info:

 HOSTNAME_COMMAND: "docker info | grep ^Name: | cut -d' ' -f 2" 

Test the Kafka Adapter

First upload the demo model located under /src/model/

curl --user admin:adminadmin --request POST -Tsrc/model/kafka-ticket-1.0.0.bpmn http://localhost:8080/api/model/bpmn

You can verify the availiblity of the model under the Web URI:


Now you can create a process instance which will trigger the Kafka Adapter:

curl --user admin:adminadmin -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H 'Accept: application/json'  -d \
   '{"item":[ \
             {"name":"type","value":{"@type":"xs:string","$":"workitem"}}, \
             {"name":"$modelversion","value":{"@type":"xs:string","$":"kafka-ticket-1.0"}}, \
             {"name":"$taskid","value":{"@type":"xs:int","$":"1000"}}, \
             {"name":"$eventid","value":{"@type":"xs:int","$":"10"}}, \
     ]}' \

Please find the details in the Imixs-Microservice Project on Github

Producer Test

The project contains the junit class 'TestProcuer' with an example how to send a workflow message to the Workflow instance.

Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 537 : {1.0.1=LEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE}

If you got a error message like this one:

 Error while fetching metadata with correlation id 537 : {kafka-ticket-1.0=LEADER_NOT_AVAILABLE}

Then first shutdown your stack with the command:

$ docker-compose down

and restart it again

$ docker-compose up
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