Public gauge of the world's current faith in humanity based on tweets
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The Faith In Humanity

Auto-generated from Kevin Xu's Django Project Builder

Development Team

Getting Started


For best results, make sure you have at least:

  • Python 2.7.2
  • Django 1.4.1


Installing the Application

# after initial git clone of existing repo
cd faithinhumanity/
mkvirtualenv faithinhumanity                                      # requires proper virtualenv setup
workon faithinhumanity                                            # sets the virtual environment

pip install -r requirements.txt                                   # installs all python packages
python syncdb                                           # sets up django database
python migrate faithinhumanity_app                      # migrates any south migrations

Running the Application

Application will be running at http://localhost:8000 after running one of the two commands:

python runserver                              # Normal way

foreman start                                           # Advanced way
                                                        # Requires .env and files (see below)
                                                        # Sources environment variables and runs all processes
                                                        # Packaged with Heroku Toolbelt


Local Environment Variables

App uses a local .env and not updated in the git repo to get some environment variables. Email Kevin Xu to get the latest version


In case something's not working after pulling, try one of these:

workon faithinhumanity                                            # makes sure you're in the right virtual environment
pip install -r requirements.txt                                   # makes sure python packages are up to date
python migrate faithinhumanity_app                      # makes sure database schema is migrated
source                                                   # makes sure your local environment variables are setup

Missing Dependencies

If you are missing some dependencies like pip, django, virtualenv, orvirtualenvwrapper then try downloading and running this script or use this line of code:

curl -O && source && rm -f

Script has been tested with Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion) and 10.8 (Mountain Lion) so far.