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Go language bindings for ffmpeg libraries.

This is still a work in progress. This package still lacks a lot of the libav's functionality. Please expect many additions/changes in the future.


I am aware of other Go language bindings for ffmpeg. The reason I decided to build go-libav was because I wanted to have:

  • A more Object-Oriented Programming approach.
  • A more Go-like approach to error handling.
  • Easier garbage collection.


First, install ffmpeg 3.x libraries on your system.

If you need ffmpeg2.x support, use ffmpeg2 branch (deprecated).

Then, open the terminal and install the following packages:

go get -u github.com/imkira/go-libav/avcodec
go get -u github.com/imkira/go-libav/avfilter
go get -u github.com/imkira/go-libav/avformat
go get -u github.com/imkira/go-libav/avutil


For advanced usage, make sure to check the following documentation:


Please check here for examples.

FFmpeg versions

This library supports multiple versions of FFmpeg 3.x, to build, use

go build -tags ffmpeg33
go test -tags ffmpeg33
go run -tags ffmpeg33 examples/mediainfo/mediainfo.go

Use ffmpeg30 for FFmpeg 3.0 API, ffmpeg33 for FFmpeg 3.3 API.


Found a bug? Want to contribute and add a new feature?

Please fork this project and send me a pull request!


go-libav is licensed under the MIT license:



Copyright (c) 2015 Mario Freitas. See LICENSE for further details.