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How to get LovdByLess up and running

    * Lovd runs on Ruby on Rails, so first you need to get rails running. Go download rails ( and follow it's instructions to get rails running.
    * The directions in this README file assume some knowledge of rails, but I'll go through it a bit here first.
    * The first thing to do is install the ruby gems that are required. For each gem listed in the README, at the command line, do something like "gem install [gem name]" or "sudo gem install [gem name]".
    * The next thing to do is set up your database (steps 1-4 in the README). Lovd is setup to use MySQL by default, so just follow the instructions in the README and configure the files for your computer.
    * Skip step 5.
    * Now setup global variable (site name and url and stuff) (steps 6-13) and change the (r)html and css to suit your taste.
    * In dev mode, search (steps 14-16) should work right out of the box (assuming you install the gems). The search instructions are really for a production environment.
    * Start lovd with the typical "./script/server" and point your browser to "http://localhost:3000".


Quick Setup (currently for non-Windows users only - due to ferret gem issues):

  1. Edit config/database.yml.tmp to reflect the database names you would like to use.
  2. Edit config/environments/production.rb so asset_host reflects the name of the production asset server
  3. cp config/database.yml.tmp config/database.yml
  4. rake lovdbyless:getting_started
  5. rake test
  6. See step #6 below to continue setup (near "Setup default values")

The getting_started rake task will install all required gems, create the databases in database.yml, 
and migrate the development and test databases.

Manual Setup:

Install the Required Gems:

- youtube-g
- rflickr
- uuidtools
- colored
- hpricot
- tzinfo
- mocha
- redgreen
- RedCloth
- rmagick (will require ImageMagick, which is not a gem)
- acts_as_ferret
- ferret
- win32console (windows only)
- avatar (version 0.0.5 or greater)

Installing ferret on Windows
1. Running gem install ferret does not work. Instead, download the gem directly from
2. Download file: ferret-0.11.6-mswin32.gem
3. From the directory you downloaded the gem to: gem install ferret-0.11.6-mswin32.gem

Installing ImageMagick and RMagick
See these posts for tips:

Setup the databases:

1. Edit config/database.yml.tmp to reflect the database names you would like to use.
2. cp config/database.yml.tmp config/database.yml
3. rake db:create:all
4. rake mig a=no

All tests pass:

5. rake

Setup default values:

6. Edit config/initializers/exception_notifier.rb
7. Edit the config/environment.rb file and change the config.action_controller.session data
8. Edit config/environments/development.rb and production.rb to suit your tastes. (Specifically config.action_mailer.delivery_method)
9. Change the values in config/initializers/global_variables.rb to match your site and domain. (Specifically SITE_NAME, SITE, MAILER_TO_ADDRESS, MAILER_FROM_ADDRESS, REGISTRATION_RECIPIENTS)
10. Go to the section "About flickr integration" and follow the steps to either use flickr or not.

11. Edit public/404.html, public/500.html, app/views/account_mailer/*
12. Edit application.css to suite your tastes.
13. Edit app/views/home/terms.

Configure Ferret:

14. Feel free to replace ferret with the search engine of your choice.
15. Acts_s_ferret home page:
16. We recommend using the drb server as described here:

Start Lovd By Less:

17. ./script/server
18. Go to the home page http://localhost:3000
19. Go to the signup page and create an account.
20. Go into the database and turn the is_admin flag to true on your new account.

About flickr integration

If you WANT to have flickr integration in your Lovd By Less project, follow these setup instructions:
1. Go to apply for a flickr api key.
2. Copy the Key and Secret into config/initializers/flickr.rb
3. From the command line, run "ruby script/authorize_flickr.rb" and follow the instructions.
  This stores the flickr auth stuff into config/flickr.cache. If you add this cache file to your source control, then you shouldn't have to repeat this in production. Alternatively, you can get a different key for production, if you'd like.

If you DO NOT WANT to have flickr integration in your Lovd By Less project, follow these setup instructions:
1. Delete line 15 from app/controllers/profiles_controller.rb [@flickr = @profile.flickr_username.blank? ? [] : flickr_images(flickr.people.findByUsername(@profile.flickr_username))]
2. Delete lines 22-35 in app/views/profiles/_public.html.erb

Is there a google group for this project?

Yes. It can be found here:

How to change the page a user is redirected to after login or singup:

In AccountController.rb, look for lines that contain: redirect_back_or_default home_path and change either home_path to the path you want to send them to, or change redirect_back_or_default to redirect_to, or both.

Why is public/javascripts/less_routes.js always modified and needing to be checked in? I swear I didn't touch it.

less_routes.js is automatically generate when your app starts. Any changes to this app will be lost the next time it's generated.