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application monitoring with client and server part
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OPEN SOURCE from University of Bern :: IML - Institute of Medical Education


The application monitor is an additional too to the classic monitoring of a servers and its services. It makes checks from the point of view of the application. With its credentials and permissions.

The appmonitor is a monitoring tool that consists of 2 parts

  • server instance
    • collects all JSON data and presents an overview over all checks and websites
    • sends notifications to server admins (read from server config) plus developers and product owners (coming from clients metadata)
  • client (for each webapplication to check)
    • make necessary checks for the full functionality of a website
    • responds information as JSON

Continue: Server | Client


  • PHP 7 on server (clients can be implemented in other languages too)
  • small: 100 kb download; no database required

Server webgui

  • Themes :-)
  • Filter the view by selecting tags
  • Multi language (english language file so far)
  • Optional service for permanent check and notification 24/7
  • Notification as email, Slack message (respecting sleep times)

For ready to use client checks for a few products see

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