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Flask Tool

Tooling for Flask.


pip install -e git+git://

Create a new extension skeleton

Creates,, test suite, readme, and sets up gitignore.

flasktool create ext

Create a new app

All apps created with flasktool come with a ton of stuff for free. All you have to do is write your app, write some tests, change a few settings in your fabfile and hit fab deploy

Some of the things included are:

  • Default templates with HTML5 Boilerplate included
  • Ready to go that uses the excellent Flask-Script package
  • Supervisord config to run your app on uwsgi
  • Nginx config and required dependencies
  • Pre built fabfile for deployment on ec2 via Fabric
  • Default .gitignore for .DS_Store, *.pyc and supervisord logs
  • Base requirements.txt

To create an app using the factory pattern (currently being updated with more hotness):

flasktool create app MyApp

To create a simple app (models, views, etc in a single

flasktool create app MyApp --layout=simple

Check out exampleappsimple/ to see what you get just from this one command.

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