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Immersal AR Cloud SDK Samples
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Immersal AR Cloud SDK Samples

In this repository you will find sample projects that use our Immersal AR Cloud SDK, demonstrating some of the functionalities of the SDK. The currently included examples are listed below:


A simple scene that localizes the device using previously generated (embedded) maps and displays 3D objects relative to the maps. You need to capture and download your own maps to demonstrate this functionality, see MappingApp below.


Allows for dropping objects in the AR space. The locations are saved locally, but not persisted across devices.


Q: Oh noes! I ran ContentPlacementSample locally on the Unity Editor, and got a content.json not found error.

A: Relax, the content.json is generated when the app is run on an Android or iOS device.


An AR wayfinding example.


A full-featured app for mapping spaces using an iOS or Android device.


  • Unity 2019.2+
  • AR Foundation 2.1+

Note: Unity 2018 should still work with corresponding AR Foundation packages, but we are not officially supporting it.

Installation steps

  1. Clone this repository
git clone
  1. Download our Unity Plugin (ImmersalARCloudSDKvX_X.unitypackage) from here
  2. Launch Unity, click on Open Project, navigate to the arcloud-sdk-samples folder on your computer and press Apply/OK.
  3. Click on Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package and load the ImmersalARCloudSDKvX_X.unitypackage.

Optional step:

  1. Click on Window -> Package Manager and install AR Foundation, ARCore XR Plugin, ARKit XR Plugin and TextMesh Pro if required.

Please visit our Developer Documentation for more detailed instructions as to how to use these examples.

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