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A repo for managing the adminstrative tasks of the Immersive Web Group
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A repo for managing the adminstrative tasks of the Immersive Web Group

Want to know how we're managing the Web XR Device API?

Check out the project doc.

Agenda Creation Instructions

This needs to be done by end of day on the Friday before the call so that we can decide if the call is going ahead and notify attendees.


By hand:

Copy and rename the template in /meetings/wg/ to /meetings/wg/[date]-[call type]

e.g. /meetings/wg/

Find open issues assigned to the spec editors look back through the issue to find a recent summary of the issue. If there is not a recent summary then ask for one.

Delete the section containing the instructions.

Email a copy of the agenda out to the mailing list making sure to link back to the agenda markdown file on github.

After the call the Minutes minutes should be added to the by adding a link.

so that there is a permanent record of meetings and their accompanying agendas.

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