GUI4ODR - GUI of the ODR-mmbTools for DAB/DAB+
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Creating a graphical user interface (GUI) written by JavaFX that controls the configuration of the DAB ODR-mmbTools.

1. New/Open Configuration:

At the beginning created a new configuration. Alternative open a configuration-file.

Note: Loading externally created configuration doesn't work to 100% Reason: The complexity of configuration settings! Solution: Save the complete configuration by GUI and open it.

2. Configure:

  • The Configuration in first three Tabs from GUI (Multiplex, Components, Subchannels) based on ODR-DabMux.
  • The Configuration in "Subchannels"-Tab based on ODR-AudioEnc and ODR-PadEnc. In the future a Data-Encoder could be added.
  • The Configuration in "Outputs"-Tab based on ODR-DabMux and ODR-DabMod. Between the ODR-Tools is always used ZeroMQ, with generated ports.

2.1 Specially:

Subchannel supported Input from Audio and Data.


  • Webstream (over libvlc)
  • ALSA
  • JACK

Outputs (combine DabMux and DabMod):

  • Device (FarSync Card, Ettus USRP)
  • File (ETI-NI File, I/Q-Samples File)
  • Network (EDI, ETI: UDP, TCP; ZeroMQ: ETI, I/Q-Samples;)

3. Save Configuration:

If the configuration is to be stored, the user selects a folder or create a new one.

Files (don't rename it) inside project folder:

  • dab.mux: Multiplex Configuration File
  • xxxx.mod: Modulator Configuration File for DabMod (filename equals output-name in dab.mux)
  • Bash-File to start all processes with screen (GUI didn't execute this skript, only the processes without screen)

4. Execution:

If the complete configuration is without errors, it can be executed.

5. Monitoring

The GUI managed all Processes from ODR-Tools. If a process crashes or terminates, the user would be informed over a Alert-Window and additionally with E-Mail.

6. Addition


  • ODR-DabMux >= v1.1.0
  • ODR-DabMod >= v0.5.4
  • ODR-AudioEnc >= v2.0.0
  • ODR-PadEnc >= v2.0.0
  • JAVA JRE Version >= 8


  • Check the required Softwares
  • Under UNIX => Install Open-JavaFX ("sudo apt-get install openjfx")


  • Set the executable Bit under Settings and run with double click
  • open Console and start GUI with command "java -jar /path/of/the/jar/file.jar"

Status: v0.6 -- fix bugs

  • Open a new Configuration ==> work
  • Open a Configuration ==> work
  • Configure ==> work
  • Save ==> work
  • Execution ==> work
  • Monitoring ==> work

<< Immanuel F. >>