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Lively Snake Demo

This is a demo of live coding snake game in ClojureScript using lively. It was part of a talk I gave in clojuTre 2014.


  1. Clone this repository and cd into it:

    git clone
    cd lively-snake-demo
  2. In a terminal window, start lein-cljsbuid:

    lein cljsbuild auto
  3. In another terminal window, start Ring server:

    lein ring server

    This should automatically open a web browser, if not, navigate to http://localhost:3000/index.html. Optionally, open JavaScript console to see when the reloads happen.

Demo Steps

Demo steps can be replayed by checkout out git tags in specific order. In order to do this, open (yet) another terminal and cd into lively-snake-demo dir.

  1. Change start screen text

    git checkout 1-change-start-screen-text

    Title in the start screen changes from "Snake" to "Lively Snake".

    Click on the "Start Game" link. The snake appears but it doesn't move.

  2. Make snake move

    git checkout 2-make-snake-move

    Snake starts moving to the left, and goes of the screen.

  3. Make snake stay on the game area

    git checkout 3-stay-on-game-area

    Snake comes back to the game piece by piece, and doesn't run out of the game area anymore.

  4. Enable snake controls

    git checkout 4-enable-snake-controls

    You are now able to change the direction of the snake by pressing arrow keys on the keyboard.

  5. Add an apple

    git checkout 5-add-apple

    An apple appears on the game area but it is a difficult to catch since it moves constantly.

  6. Make apple stay in its position

    git checkout 6-make-apple-stay

    The apple stops moving but the snake runs through it instead of eating it.

  7. Make the snake eat apples

    git checkout 7-eat-apples

    You are now able to eat apples with the snake. When the snake runs into an apple, the apple disappears and snake grows.

  8. Implement game over

    git checkout 8-add-game-over

    If you now make the snake cross itself, the game ends and start screen with "Game Over" text is shown.


Live coding snake game in ClojureScript






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