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package immortal
import (
// Config yaml/command line configuration
type Config struct {
Cmd string `yaml:"cmd" json:"cmd"`
Cwd string `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
Env map[string]string `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
Log Log `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
Stderr Log `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
Logger string `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
Require []string `yaml:",omitempty"`
RequireCmd string `yaml:"require_cmd,omitempty"`
User string `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
Wait uint `yaml:",omitempty"`
Retries int `yaml:",omitempty"`
Pid `yaml:",omitempty" json:",omitempty"`
cli bool
command []string
configFile string
ctl string
log bool
user *user.User
// Pid struct run.yml
type Pid struct {
Follow string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Parent string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Child string `yaml:",omitempty"`
// Log struct run.yml
type Log struct {
File string `yaml:",omitempty"`
Age int `yaml:",omitempty"`
Num int `yaml:",omitempty"`
Size int `yaml:",omitempty"`
Timestamp bool `yaml:",omitempty"`
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