SmartTV universal library for Samsung, LG, Philips, SmartTV Aliance, STB Mag app development.
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A smartbox library allows to start one application on a few smartTV platforms.

Currently supported platforms:

To add your own platform please see the platform documentation.


Smartbox has three dependencies:

The compiled version of the library is located in the directory /dist.

Library plugins

How to use the library

To use all plugins and functions of the library it's necessary to wrap a code as callback SB.ready SB.ready(function(){ // your code });

SB.ready will be executed after all callbacks jQuery.ready, $(function(){}), $.ready(function(){});

Library's methods

  • isInited() - checking the library initialization. Returns true or false

  • ready(func) executes the code of the funtion func after the library has been initializated

          // your code
  • readyForPlatform(platform, cb) executes the code of the funtion func after the library has been initializated, if the current plaform - platform

      SB.readyForPlatform('samsung', function(){
          // code for samsung

Library configuration

All configurations of the library are located in the object SB.platform

        SB.config = {
           * Platform which will be used in case detectPlatform returns false
           * ex: browser, samsung, lg
           * @type: {String}
          defaultPlatform: 'browser'


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