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# This makefile is not used to build/compile source files to binaries on CI
# The purpose here is to provide organized shortcuts
# and entry points for running tools and invoking builds during development.
# (Makefiles expecially convenient for expressing and executing dependent goals
# where simple bash scripts would need to constantly check if something is already done.)
# Please, leave this file as brief and high level as possible. The makefile provides
# birds eye view of how this repository works, major things what can be done with it.
# What belongs here:
# * download, install, run and cleanup for tools, project file generation
# * invoke high-level build goals and tools
# phony targets are not bound to existense of directories or files by the same name
# and always re-executed (once per make call)
.PHONY: default up
.DEFAULT_GOAL := default
# explicitly requiring /bin/bash
# without this it's hard to setup any env vars in container
SHELL := /bin/bash
# here lower_snake_case variables are private to Makefile,
# UPPER_SNAKE_CASE ones we reserve for the ones coming from environment
# or special reserved Makefile variables.
# '=' lazy var, ':=' eagerly computed var, '?=' assign if not set
prereq_bin = git curl java python buck node
prereq_check = $(foreach bin,$(prereq_bin),$(if $(shell which $(bin)),,\
$(error "No `$(bin)` found in PATH. see")))
highlands_link =
# The default is just to fetch, build, test all targets
@printf "\e[00;33m[fetch build test all]\e[00m\n"
buck fetch //...
buck build //...
buck test //...
# Downloads Highlands scripts that updates dependencies and IDE projects
mkdir -p $@
curl -L $(highlands_link) | tar xz -C $@ --strip-components=1
# Upgrades lib lock file and regens libs and symlinks and IJ projects
up: .ext/highlands
@printf "\e[00;33m[updating dependencies, regen all]\e[00m\n"
buck clean
node up --uplock --lib --intellij --trace
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