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(ns immutant.init
(:require [immutant.cache :as cache]
[immutant.messaging :as msg]
[immutant.daemons :as daemon]
[ :as job]
[immutant.web :as web])
(:use [ring.util.response :only [response]]
[ring.middleware.session :only [wrap-session]]
[immutant.web.session :only [servlet-store]]))
;;; Create a message queue
(msg/start "/queue/msg")
;;; Create a distributed cache to hold our counters
(def cache (cache/lookup-or-create "counters"))
;;; Define a consumer for our queue
(def listener (msg/listen "/queue/msg" #(println (format "recv %s, %s" % cache))))
;;; Our singleton daemon
(let [done (atom false)]
;; Our daemon's start function
(defn start []
(reset! done false)
(while (not @done)
(let [i (:messages cache 1)]
(println "send" i)
(msg/publish "/queue/msg" i)
(cache/put cache :messages (inc i))
(catch Throwable e (println "Not expecting this!" e)))
(Thread/sleep 5000))))
;; Our daemon's stop function
(defn stop []
(reset! done true))
;; Register our daemon
(daemon/daemonize "counter" start stop))
;;; Schedule a singleton job named "ajob"
(job/schedule "ajob"
#(let [i (:jobs cache 1)]
(println "job" i)
(cache/put cache :jobs (inc i)))
:every [20 :seconds])
;;; Our main web request handler
(defn handler [request]
(println (format "web [%s]" (:path-info request)))
(response (format "messages=%s, jobs=%s\n" (:messages cache) (:jobs cache))))
;;; Mount the handler at our app's root context
(web/start handler)
;;; A handler to increment a counter in the web session
(defn incrementer [{session :session}]
(let [count (:count session 1)
session (assoc session :count (inc count))]
(println (format "count=%s" count))
(-> (response (str "You accessed this page " count " times\n"))
(assoc :session session))))
;;; Use Immutant's session store for automatic replication
(web/start "/count" (wrap-session #'incrementer {:store (servlet-store)}))