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@@ -17,11 +17,11 @@ title: Installation
To install Immutant via the [Leiningen]( plugin, you'll need to
first install Leiningen, followed by the [lein-immutant](
plugin. If you are using Leiningen 1.x, install via:
- $ lein plugin install lein-immutant VERSION
+ $ lein plugin install lein-immutant 0.8.0
If using Leiningen 2.x, install the plugin by adding it to the plugin
list in `~/.lein/profiles.clj`:
- {:user {:plugins [[lein-immutant "0.7.1"]]}}
+ {:user {:plugins [[lein-immutant "0.8.0"]]}}
You can determine the current version of the plugin by looking at
its [page on clojars]( _**Note:**

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