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+ Note that even if the contents within =#()= are identical, the actual
+ functions are still different. If you want idempotent topic
+ listeners, you should pass the same var to each. And even then,
+ during development, you may inadvertently redefine the var and
+ create multiple, redundant versions of the topic listener. Hijinks
+ may ensue.
*** Accessing Listeners via JMX
Each message listener has a MBean exposed via JMX. Currently, you
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* Sessions
Immutant provides a session store that can be used with the
- [[][Ring session middleware]] (and any other middleware that uses =ring.middleware.sesion=,
+ [[][Ring session middleware]] (and any other middleware that uses =ring.middleware.session=,
like [[][Sandbar]]). The Immutant session store uses the session provided by
the underlying JBoss AS7 servlet container, which automatically replicates
session data across a cluster. You create the store by calling

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