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A Leiningen plugin for deploying/testing Immutant apps with WildFly
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A Leiningen plugin for deploying Immutant apps.



Leiningen 1

To install for all lein projects, execute:

lein plugin install lein-immutant 0.7.2

If you don't want to install it for all lein projects, you can add it as a dev dependency in your project.clj:

:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.3.0"]]
:dev-dependencies [[lein-immutant "0.7.2"]]

Leiningen 2

Add it to your ~/.lein/profiles.clj:

{:user {:plugins [[lein-immutant "0.7.2"]]}

Running it

  • lein immutant install [version [install-dir]] - downloads and installs Immutant for you. By default, it will download the latest incremental build and put it in ~/.lein/immutant/releases/. You can override the version (which currently must be an incremental build number from and the install directory. Wherever it gets installed, the most recently installed version will be linked from ~/.lein/immutant/current. If this link is present (and points to a valid Immutant install), you won't need to set $IMMUTANT_HOME

  • lein immutant overlay [feature-set [version]] - downloads and overlays a feature set onto the currenty installed Immutant. If it can't find an Immutant install (either via the current link or $IMMUTANT_HOME), it will download and install the latest incremental build first. Currently, the only supported feature set is 'torquebox'. The version defaults to the latest incremental, but can also be any recent build number from

  • lein immutant env [key] - prints out information about the Immutant environment. It currently only displays the path to the current Immutant, and the path to JBoss.

  • lein immutant new project-name - calls lein new project-name for you, the calls lein immutant init.

  • lein immutant init - creates a sample immuntant.clj configuration file at the root of the current project.

  • lein immutant archive [path/to/project] - creates an Immutant archive (suffixed with .ima) in the current directory. This archive can be deployed in lieu of a descriptor pointing to the app directory. This task can be run outside of a project dir of the path to the project is provided.

  • lein immutant deploy [--archive] [--profiles :p1,p2] [path/to/project] - deploys the current app to the current Immutant. If passed the --archive option, it will deploy an archive of the app instead of a descriptor pointing to the app on disk. This will currently recreate the archive on every deploy. You can pass a comma separated list of lein profiles via the --profiles :p1,p2 option to have them set as the :lein-profiles key in the descriptor and applied when the app is deployed. This task can be run outside of a project dir of the path to the project is provided.

  • lein immutant undeploy - undeploys the current app from the current Immutant. This task can be run outside of a project dir of the path to the project is provided.

  • lein immutant run - launches the current Immutant.


This plugin depends on the deploy-tools project, so you'll need to checkout and install that first.


Copyright (C) 2011-2012 Red Hat, Inc.

Licensed under the Eclipse Public License v1.0

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