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This project features a means to overlay features, i.e. modules and their xml config, atop an existing JBoss AS7 instance. This enables TorqueBox and Immutant to be merged into a single application server capable of deploying both Ruby and Clojure applications, for example.


Clone the overlay repository, cd into the project, and run this:

$ lein overlay <target> <source>

The target represents the "layee", i.e. the thing to be overlaid. The source is the "layer". The source modules and config will overlay the target modules and config. The desired result will reside beneath the path to the target, i.e. the first parameter.

The specifications of layee and layer may be one of the following:

  • A local path to a jboss, torquebox, or immutant installation
  • A URL to a zipped distro: it'll be fetched and extracted to target/
  • A descriptor in the following form: feature[-version]

Version defaults to the latest incremental. You can specify a specific incremental build number or released version.

It is convenient to download and extract a specific distribution by simply omitting the second param.

Anything downloaded will be extracted beneath target/.

So to download the latest torquebox and overlay it with the latest immutant:

$ lein overlay torquebox immutant

If you already have two installations of an AS7-based app server, you can overlay the modules/config of one on the other like so:

$ lein overlay /path/to/eap-6.1 ~/.immutant/current



If you know the URL for a zipped archive, you may pass that as the first parameter:

$ lein overlay

The output from the run indicates the resulting path of the overlaid distribution.

By default, files in common to both layer and layee beneath modules/ will not be overwritten, unless you specify the --overwrite option (or -o).

$ lein overlay --overwrite layee layer


Overlay modules/config onto a JBoss AS7 instance




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