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(ns demo.client
(:require [enfocus.core :as ef]
[ :as events]
[vertx.client.eventbus :as eb]))
(defn open-eventbus
"Opens a connection to the remote EventBus endpoint."
[& on-open]
(let [eb (eb/eventbus "http://localhost:8081/eventbus")]
(eb/on-open eb #(.log js/console "eventbus opened"))
(mapv #(eb/on-open eb (fn [] (% eb))) on-open)))
(defn append-content
"Append the given content to the element specified by id"
[id content]
(ef/at id (ef/append (ef/html [:div content]))))
(defn send-message
"Sends a message to the request address."
[eb message]
(eb/publish eb "demo.request" message))
(defn attach-listeners
"Attaches listeners to both the the request and response addresses,
displaying the received messages in the appropriate divs."
(eb/on-message eb "demo.request" (partial append-content "#sent"))
(eb/on-message eb "demo.response" (partial append-content "#rcvd")))
(defn attach-send-click
"Attaches handler to send a message when the send button is clicked."
(ef/at "#send-message"
(events/listen :click
#(send-message eb (ef/from "#message"
(ef/get-prop :value))))))
(defn init []
(set! (.-onload js/window) init)