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(ns demo.bridge
(:require [vertx.embed :as vembed :refer [with-vertx]]
[vertx.http :as http]
[vertx.http.sockjs :as sockjs]
[vertx.eventbus :as eb]))
(defn- start-sockjs-bridge
"Creates a Vert.x http server, a sockjs server within that http
server, then installs an eventbus bridge in the sockjs server."
[vertx host port path]
(println (format "Starting SockJS bridge at http://%s:%s%s" host port path))
(with-vertx vertx
(let [server (http/server)]
(-> server
(sockjs/bridge {:prefix path} [{}] [{}]))
(http/listen server port host))))
(defn init-bridge
"Initializes the embedded vertx instance, sets up our echo handler,
and starts the sockjs bridge."
(let [vertx (vembed/vertx)]
(with-vertx vertx
(eb/on-message "demo.request"
(partial eb/publish "demo.response")))
{:vertx vertx
:server (start-sockjs-bridge vertx "localhost" 8081 "/eventbus")}))