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On New Instance Set-up

  • Install Web Server and Application Server.

  • Prefer setting “rvm use –default number”

  • Git Client installation for latest version

  • Ubuntu packages like imagemagick for paperclip, libfontconfig1 - font styling used by wicked_pdf

On Cap3 in this project

  • Use relevent ssh keys, so your client machine and git can interact smoothly.

  • For Rails 3 Use gem 'turbo-sprockets-rails3' for faster assets pre-compilation - Solved holding up for longer periods on precompiling during cap deploy

  • If using whenever Add rvm_trust_rvmrcs_flag=1 to ~/.rvmrc file - whenever#rvm-integration

  • I have also added delayed job cap task.

  • sudo apt-get install libpq-dev The pg gem is a native extension that wraps the libpq library., else you will run into pg gem could not installed - error message during bundle install

  • Although application would be running fine, You may run into strange and common error - When you run rails commands(rails -v from current dir) “The program 'rails' can be found in the following packages: .….” Solution: use `bundle exec`

  • Mailer configurtions - sendmail etc

Note: 1st deployment to new server will fail beacuse of missing database configurations, you will have to set database.yml file in shared/config/ directory and re-deploy.

also check and