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A repo with a keylogger and other neat features built around it.
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arduino project


A repo with a keylogger and other neat features built around it. Description: Mainly a Keylogger written in Python3 (Will change the repo to a public one soon) Status: Inactive, pretty much finished and not really bothering with adding other things Features:
- USB File Stealer (copies files from plugged in Usb drives to a, hopefully hidden folder) - Two different Faronics' DeepFreeze bypass methods (Meltdown and Anti-Shutdown) - UAC Bypass Module in C++ raw code added but never did anything with it - Uploads Server made in PHP - Packed with PyInstaller - Added Arduino Project folder to use any board with an ATMega32U4 as a keylogger to quickly and stealthily deploy the executables

 - Other Stuff

Since this is really poorly documented because it wasn't made with getting other people's eyes on this repo in mind at first, feel free to send me an email if you need anything:

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