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Jenkins Usage Statistics

Theses script are meant to create the underlying json's used to show the plugin statistics on the plugin info pages at The json files are used by the confluence plugin ('hudson-plugin-info' -


  1. download and unpack the raw data (*.json.gz) from from ''

    $> groovy download.groovy [pwd]

  2. collect the data from the raw json format and store it into a local SQLight database ... you might have to increase the memory: export JAVA_OPTS="-Xmx4000M -Xms4000M"

    $> groovy collectNumbers.groovy

  3. generate the fine grained data set (json) for each plugin

    $> groovy createJson.groovy

The final json files will be in [worksapce]/target/stats - these files have to be uploaded to a webserver to make them available for the confluence plugin.

All the scripts can be reexecuted in case a failure happens, e.g. the download will only download the files he needs and collecting the numbers will only happen on the raw data which is not imported yet.