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January 20, 2012


Revert "OMAP4: Clock: Force a DPLL clkdm/pwrdm ON before a relock"
This reverts commit eb54eda.
January 15, 2012


Linux 3.0.17 update without commit 772aed4 which breaks pm_suspend.
This one took me hours to track down. Sigh..
January 15, 2012


cpufreq: updated to Linux 3.3 (up to d08de0c)
    [CPUFREQ] update lpj only if frequency has changed
    [CPUFREQ] cpufreq:userspace: fix cpu_cur_freq updation
    [CPUFREQ] Remove wall variable from cpufreq_gov_dbs_init()
January 13, 2012


slub: 73736e0 (memleak fix) and 4c493a5 (add missed accounting)
January 12, 2012


omap: dispc: force L3_2 CD to NOSLEEP when dispc module is active
It has been identified that in addition to L3_1, L3_2 clock domain is
also suspetible to the erratum  (erratum ID is pending) described below.

Issue: Mstandby and disconnect protocol issue
impacts: all OMAP4 devices
Simplfied Description:
issue #1: The handshake between IP modules on L3_1 and L3_2 peripherals with
PRCM has a limitation in a certain time window of L4 clock cycle. Due to the
fact that a wrong variant of stall signal was used in circuit of PRCM, the
intitator-interconnect protocol is broken when the time window is hit where
the PRCM requires the interconnect to go to idle while intitator asks to
Issue #2: DISPC asserts a sub-mstandby signal for a short period. In this
time interval, IP block requests disconnection of Master port, and results
in Mstandby and wait request to PRCM. In parallel, if mstandby is de-asserted
by DISPC simultaneously, interconnect requests for a reconnect for one cycle
alone resulting in a disconnect protocol violation and a deadlock of the

L3_1 clock domain must not be programmed in HW_AUTO if
Static dependency with DSS is enabled and DSS clock domain
is ON. Same for L3_2.

Patch with changeID I28ae362ad330a79a493927575c9570462c4303a7
(omap: dispc: force L3_1 CD to NOSLEEP when dispc module is active)
already introduces the work around for L3_1. Here we add L3_2
clock domain as well + update the comments and wrap the WA under
an OMAP4 flag.

Change-Id: I476eedbac34e1876d413a15a524c3b4bb3732b9f
Signed-off-by: Akash Choudhari <>
Signed-off-by: Mahesh Renduchintala <>
CC: Todd Poynor <>
CC: Colin Cross <>
CC: Nishanth Menon <>
CC: Girish S G <>
CC: Dandawate Saket <>
CC: Lajos Molnar <>
January 07, 2012


omap2plus-cpufreq.c: user voltage control more fine-tuning
running calibration twice seems to be more accurate.
Still no go on 1.35ghz.
January 04, 2012


OMAP4: Clock: Put USB_DPLL in stop low power mode explicitly
Normally, USB DPLL stop is h/w auto controlled. We instead put
USB_DPLL in stop mode explicitly when it is disabled instead
of depending on the h/w handshake mechanism and any yet unknown
risks associated with timing of operations to handshake.

Change-Id: I1251eabb6d562d61be90f7ba7f0bc21bd1e3afa9
Signed-off-by: Wenbiao Wang <>
January 04, 2012
January 03, 2012


Bug fixes for the user undervolt code. Replaced a lot of ugly code
with more ugly code. HAHA

There was a rather crazy bug where at boot it could calibrate the
350 and lower freqs to super high voltages. It seems SmartReflex
is cable of pushing a lot of juice at any frequency and you don't
want to force calibration when that happens. Bad JUJU.

At least that's what I think based on my limited understanding.
January 01, 2012


Not actually sure why i made this chage. Reverted.
December 23, 2011
December 16, 2011
December 09, 2011
December 01, 2011
November 23, 2011


Linux 3.2-rc3
.. pre thanksgiving-induced food coma
November 15, 2011
November 07, 2011
October 26, 2011


Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://…

* 'for-linus' of git:// (68 commits)
  Input: adp5589-keys - add support for the ADP5585 derivatives
  Input: imx_keypad - add pm suspend and resume support
  Input: force feedback - potential integer wrap in input_ff_create()
  Input: tsc2007 - make sure that X plate resistance is specified
  Input: serio_raw - fix memory leak when closing char device
  Input: serio_raw - kick clients when disconnecting port
  Input: serio_raw - explicitly mark disconnected ports as dead
  Input: serio_raw - fix coding style issues
  Input: serio_raw - use dev_*() for messages
  Input: serio_raw - use bool for boolean data
  Input: serio_raw - perform proper locking when adding clients to list
  Input: serio_raw - rename serio_raw_list to serio_raw_client
  Input: serio_raw - use kref instead of rolling out its own refcounting
  Input: psmouse - switch to using dev_*() for messages
  Input: wacom - correct max Y value on medium bamboos
  Input: wacom - add ABS_DISTANCE to Bamboo Pen reports
  Input: wacom - remove unneeded touch pressure initialization
  Input: lm8323 - wrap suspend and resume in CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
  Input: ad7879-i2c - wrap suspend and resume in CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
  Input: synaptics_i2c - wrap suspend and resume in CONFIG_PM_SLEEP
October 24, 2011
October 17, 2011
October 04, 2011
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May 29, 2011


Linux 3.0-rc1
Version numbers? We can increment them!
May 18, 2011
May 09, 2011
May 03, 2011
April 26, 2011
April 18, 2011
April 11, 2011
April 05, 2011
March 29, 2011
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February 15, 2011
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