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Make-like wrapper for job scheduling on PBS systems.
Python Perl Shell
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distributed make for PBS job scheduling systems


pbsmake is a simple Python script, so you only need to add it to your $PATH. We also rely on the argparse module which is included in Python 2.7 and q* family of commands from a PBS installation in $PATH.


Running pbsmake requires a build target to be specified on the command-line and takes an optional path to a makefile. If no makefile is given, the default './Makefile' will be used like in traditional make programs.

$ python
usage: [-h] [-f MAKEFILE] target [target ...]

$ python mytarget

$ python -f some/Makefile myothertarget

Also, pbsmake can be used as a script interpreter by using -f as follows.

--- makescript ---
#!/usr/bin/env -f

target1: target2
    echo running target 1

    echo running target 2

$ ./makescript target1

Sometimes this may not work (notably OSX) and you will need to use a work-around: (NB: still need to thoroughly test this...)

--- makescript ---
#!/usr/bin/env python /path/to/ -f

target1: target2
    echo running target 1

    echo running target 2


Tim Spriggs

Chris Van Horne

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