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# -*- mode: org -*-
#+STARTUP: nofold
* Documentation
Redo tutorial?
Re-organize references?
Syntax highlighting?
** Sass
Control structures
Mixin arguments
CSS Terminology (
Convert to new property syntax
Stop calling it "alternate" - call it "new" instead
Document sassc somewhere obvious
** FAQ
form_for needs -, not =
* Code
** Haml
Figure out alternate attribute syntax
** Sass
CSS Terminology? (
[2.4] Pre-parse everything possible: never call Node#interpolate
[2.4] Do all parsing in to_tree
[2.4] Allow semicolons for multiple props on one line
[2.4] Pull in Compass watcher stuff
[2.4] Internationalization
Particularly word constituents in Regexps
[2.4] Optimization
Also comma-folding identical rules where possible
Multiple levels
0: No optimization
1: Nothing that changes doc structure
No comma-folding
2: Anything that keeps functionality identical to O2 (default)
3: Assume order of rules doesn't matter
Comma-fold even if there are intervening rules that might interfere