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When contributing to this repository, please first discuss the change you wish to make in the Impact Makers #proj-climatechoice Slack channel.

Please check the repo's issues page to see if your change has already been suggested.

New to the project?

We recommend selecting an issue labeled good first issue.

Pull Request Process

At ClimateChoice, we love to see PRs from people who care about the project and what it stands for. 🌎

Feel free to take an issue (or create your own), and submit a PR to be reviewed, before merged into the site.

To submit a PR please follow these guidelines:

  1. Create a branch off of master
  2. Commit your work
  3. Submit a Pull Request. i. In your Pull Request please reference the issue that the PR aims to resolve ii. Please provide a detailed description of the functionality which is being introduced iii. If the PR includes stylistic or UI changes, feel free to add screenshots for context.
  4. Once approved, the branch will be squashed and merged into master by another reviewer.

Code of Conduct

Please note we abide by the Climate Code of Conduct.