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IMPACT OSS client application

This is the source code for the client-side application (the "UI") of IMPACT OSS.

It is a React JavaScript application and is a single page application that is responsible for:

  • public User Interface (UI)
  • admin UI
IMPACT OSS server application

It complements the IMPACT OSS server-side application (the "API") that you can find here:

The server is a Rails application and is a thin server that is responsible for:

  • database management and access via an API (Application Programming Interface)
  • user authentication
  • automated email reminders


IMPACT OSS is an Open Source Software (OSS) for Integrated Management and Planning of Actions (IMPACT), created to assist States with coordinating and monitoring implementation of human rights and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The IMPACT OSS project is maintained by the Impact Open Source Software Trust. To learn more about the project and the Trust see


Configuration & Installation

The IMPACT OSS installation guide provides detailed instructions on how to configure and install both server and client applications:

Try out the client application locally

To quickly try out IMPACT OSS you can simply install the default demo configuration that uses the demo database of the demo server application:

  1. Get the code: clone this repo using git clone
  2. Install dependencies: run yarn
  3. Start development version: run npm start and see the IMPACT OSS at http://localhost:3000

User manuals

Admin Quick Start Guide

A collection of step by step guides for IMPACT OSS website administrators,

User Manual

A detailed user manual for end users and website administrators




This application was originally based on Max Stoiber's excellent react-boilerplate,

react-boilerplate documentation


This project is licensed under the MIT license, see