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Grav for Impagina: the

This repository contains the content for the Grav based website.

Please refer to:


You can contribute to the content of the Impagina website by opening issues or making pull requests.

If you want to improve the look and feel, please rever to the impagina-quark theme.

Future plans

Planned features that where we could need some help:

  • Add https.
  • Remove the gray lines between the main page's modules.
  • Simplify the buttons (one file with sections for each button? or one file with sections for all the buttons?... just create a specific module for it)
  • Making the site multilanguage and, then, translate the content.
  • Provide a concept for getting a regular news stream.
  • Create a "Tutorials" page (cf. the link from learn to the forums).
  • Fix the spaces between items in the modular pages.
  • Review and finish the "tile" grav module item (add the buttons...)
  • Test (improve?) and eventually install the font awesome plugin
  • Check why the grav's font-awesome icons are not as nice as martin's (wordpress) ones.
  • Add the "container" class around the just-text module template... but allow to disable it, when in an horizontal context.
  • Publish the Github development manual and link it from the "Developer" button in "Contribute"
  • Generally write pages for the "Contribute" section.
  • Create a donation page
  • Navigation:
    • if we get more items, do not create sub menus but add a "More" item with the futher items.
  • A (free) comment engine.
    • grav does have a comment plugin... but it might not easy to moderate without the admin interface


  • pages starting with the 00. number are not published yet (published: false).
  • pages starting with the 99. number are not shown in the navigation (visible: false).


Clearing the cache

./bin/grav clear-cache

On a local install, you will probably need to first make the cache writable by the group:

sudo find cache -type f -exec chmod g+w {} \;



Pages to be done:

  • Add anchors for each platform and version
  • Create a plugin for showing markdown documentations from github
  • From the top navigation:
    • showcase
  • From the footer
    • Write some code (Contribute)
    • Change the interface (Contribute)
    • Write some docs (Contribute)
    • Report a bug (Contribute, how to use the bug tracker)
    • Contact (irc, mailing list, address of the team, riot)
    • About (really? rather an impressum?)
    • Donations (has to be setup)
  • review the current
  • use spectre css cards for the news:
  • find how to allow the sync script to be an exception in the grav's .htaccess security section. currently, i've removed the .php filese from the exceptions. (which is not a big issue, since there are no other php files in there)
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