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Font Testing Page

Stable releases available for use at

The Font Testing Page is a tool primarily intended for type designers to 'Drag and Drop' and quickly test their fonts into a browser. It can also be used by Type and Art Directors, Graphic Designers, Teachers and Students interested in seeing how a typeface works on the web.

There is a short video demonstrating this tool,

Operation is simple:

  • Drag the font you want to try to the upper area of the Testing Page
  • Add more fonts and you'll see their file names and file sizes as buttons

Below the drop area you see some buttons to select different layouts:

  • Headlines: Displays examples: 72, 60, 48, 36 and 30 to 12.
  • Text: Displays text blocks, from 20 to 10.
  • Adhesion: Shows examples using only 'adhesion' text. Intended for the early stages on a typeface design.
  • Hamburgefonstiv Examples using 'Hamburgefonstiv' text.
  • Lowercase only: Displays examples of 72, 60, 48, 36, 30, 24, 18 and 16 to 10.
  • Caps: Displays examples of words in Sentence Case at 60.
  • All Caps: Displays examples of words in All-Caps at 60.
  • Layout: Displays examples of Headline, Subhead and Body text.
  • Kern: Displays examples of combinations of letters and miscellaneous signs.
  • Latin: Diacritics for 103 Latin languages, pangrams and text samples.
  • And many many more...


  • Requires Firefox or Chrome
  • 100% safe: Your fonts are only stored in your own browser (using localStorage) and nothing gets uploaded to any server

Secret tips for the "Filter text" tool:

  • When working on text fonts: Set the size to 18px or lower, and you will get nice blocks at all text sizes at the same time.
  • When working on display fonts: Set the size to 200 and you get a small cascade, set it to 300px and you get a full cascade (Great for deciding on your font's spacing/fitting).


To download the latest version and use it locally:

git clone;
cd Font-Testing-Page;
php -S

Then visit to see your local version of the tool.



Code is available under the MIT License, see for full details

Page text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike v3.0 License