A virtual machine configuration for immutable infrastructure with Asgard, Packer, Vagrant, VirtualBox, and AWS.
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Immutable Infrastructure for Bootstrappers

This project provides a virtual machine skeleton to facilitate low-cost immutable infrastructure in Amazon Web Services using:

  • Packer - HashiCorp project for creating system snapshots, capable of outputting many formats including Amazon Machine Images and Virtual Box boxes (useful for me).
  • Vagrant - Great tool for virtual machine management, also from HashiCorp.
  • VirtualBox - A well established virtualization product, to be managed by Vagrant.
  • Asgard - Deployment and cluster management tool from Netflix Open Source Software.
  • Amazon Web Services - A forerunner in cloud service/hosting providers and the IAAS space.

You can read more about the concept and walk-through details at imperialwicket.com.


Details about the files that are here. Notable files for customizations are Vagrantfile, Config.groovy, and setenv.sh - which all hardcode values that you might want to modify eventually.