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failed name validation error #196

rickcole3 opened this Issue Mar 5, 2013 · 4 comments


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I am seeing the following exception when I attempt to run a JPA query against my table. This query works fine when I run it as a native query, but the JPA version fails. This looks similar to another posted issue, but the error message is slightly different:

Caused by: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: InvalidRequestException(why:[6c6f676e616d65]=[636f6d2e67312e6463672e636f6d706f6e656e742e436173696e67] failed name validation (Not enough bytes to read value of component 0))
at com.impetus.client.cassandra.thrift.ThriftClient.find(ThriftClient.java:914)
at com.impetus.client.cassandra.query.CassQuery.populateEntities(CassQuery.java:143)
at com.impetus.kundera.query.QueryImpl.getResultList(QueryImpl.java:155)
at com.impetus.kundera.query.KunderaTypedQuery.getResultList(KunderaTypedQuery.java:249)

My table definition is as follows:

CREATE TABLE event_log (
id text PRIMARY KEY,
label text,
logname text,
lvl text
CREATE INDEX ON event_log(logname);

And here is my query code:

Query query = entityManager.createQuery("SELECT lc FROM LoggingConfiguration lc WHERE lc.logName = :logName", LoggingConfiguration.class);
query.setParameter("logName", logName);
List<Object> matchingConfigurations = query.getResultList();

Any idea on why this is happening?



mevivs commented Mar 5, 2013

CQL and Thrift interoperability is an issue with Cassandra and we are planning to introduce CQL binary protocol support in Kundera 2.5.


Cool. Is there an ETA on 2.5?


mevivs commented Mar 13, 2013

On 2.5 work is planned and we started working on it. Will post an update on Date.



mevivs commented Jul 9, 2013

Already fixed and released with 2.5.1

@mevivs mevivs closed this Jul 9, 2013

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