Sample Codes and Examples

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We have a separate module "Kundera-tests" that contains example code.

  1. Example illustrating all data types supported by Kundera (Data Types)
  2. JPA Query Examples (JPA Queries)
  3. Spring Example (Kundera+Spring)
  4. Twitter like application using Kundera (Twitter)
  5. Cross-datastore persistence using Kundera (Polyglot Persistence)
  6. Transitive Persistence using Kundera (Pickr)
  7. Web-based application that uses JTA transactions on all operations using Kundera (Kwitter)
  8. Data persistence in Redis using Kundera ([Kundera-Redis] (
  9. Data persistence in OracleNoSQL using Kundera ([Kundera-OracleNoSQL] (
  10. Collection support in Cassandra ElementCollection of Basic Types