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Rename Tatort episodes to match a common file name template
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Rename files of Tatort episodes (the German TV series) in an uniform way

In many cases, the files have been downloaded from different sites and are named in various ways. This script uses fuzzy matching together with a database of all Tatort titles to determine the most likely episode. The file is then renamed following a common convention.

A common way to download Tatort episodes is using Mediathekview or recording them from a DVB source. Those files are handled well.

Tatort-Das_Recht,_sich_zu_sorgen-1004093911.mp4 -> Tatort 0988 - 2016x20 - Voss - 02 - Das Recht, sich zu sorgen.mp4
Tatort-Ein_Fuß_kommt_selten_allein-1024059245.mp4 -> Tatort 0986 - 2016x18 - Thiel - 29 - Ein Fuß kommt selten allein.mp4
Tatort-Wir_-_Ihr_-_Sie-0253336963.mp4 -> Tatort 0989 - 2016x21 - Karow - 03 - Wir-Ihr-Sie.mp4
Tatort-Der_hundertste_Affe-0492381611.mp4 -> Tatort 0987 - 2016x19 - Lürsen & Stedefreund - 33 - Der hundertste Affe.mp4
Tatort-Zirkuskind-0794861723.mp4 -> Tatort 0900 - 2014x08 - Odenthal - 59 - Zirkuskind.mp4


Change to the folder containing your movie files and run

cd your_movie_file_folder



Install Modules

sudo pip install fuzzywuzzy
sudo easy_install tvdb_api


Philipp Wagner


This script is MIT licensed.

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