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Build and install 100+ open-source Android apps with Docker
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Implant can build 100+ open-source Android apps, install them on your phone over USB, or generate an F-Droid repository so you can install them with the F-Droid client

docker run --rm bakerba/implant list to list available apps


First create an implant alias

  • Build and serve all apps as an F-Droid Repository
    implant fdroid --serve
  • Install Signal, Syncthing, and NewPipe over USB
    implant install org.thoughtcrime.securesms com.nutomic.syncthing org.schabi.newpipe
  • Update apps
    docker pull bakerba/implant
    implant update


  • list [--installed] show available apps
  • fdroid [--serve] [package ...] build apps, generate an F-Droid index, and start a web server
  • install [package ...] build and install apps over USB
  • build [package ...] build apps
  • update update apps
  • passwd change signing key password
  • adb [...] execute adb commands


Additional setup for USB installs

Please contribute!

File bug reports, help add features, submit new apps, or maintain existing apps

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