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Plywood is a JavaScript library that simplifies building interactive visualizations and applications for large data sets. Plywood acts as a middle-layer between data visualizations and data stores.

Plywood is architected around the principles of nested Split-Apply-Combine, a powerful divide-and-conquer algorithm that can be used to construct all types of data visualizations. Plywood comes with its own expression language where a single Plywood expression can translate to multiple database queries, and where results are returned in a nested data structure so they can be easily consumed by visualization libraries such as D3.js.

You can use Plywood in the browser and/or in node.js to easily create your own visualizations and applications.

Plywood also acts as a very advanced query planner for Druid, and Plywood will determine the most optimal way to execute Druid queries.


To use Plywood from npm simply run: npm install plywood.

Plywood can also be used by the browser.


To learn more, see http://plywood.imply.io

Also see


To run all the Plywood unit tests you will need to set up the data sources in the DataZoo.

Questions & Support

For updates about new and upcoming features follow @implydata on Twitter.

Please file bugs and feature requests by opening and issue on GitHub and direct all questions to our user groups.