`import` is a simple and fast module system for Bash and other Unix shells
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import is a simple and fast module system for Bash and other Unix shells.

Inspired by Go's import command, you specify the URL of the shell script, and the import function downloads the file and caches it to ~/.import-cache, forever.

The code will never change from below your feet, and will continute to work offline.

👋 Example

https://git.io/fAWiz ← This URL contains a simple add shell function:

add() {
  expr "$1" + "$2"

You can use the import function to download, cache, and use that function in your own script:

#!/usr/bin/env import

# The URL is downloaded once, cached forever, and then sourced
import https://git.io/fAWiz

add 20 22
# 42

⚙️ Compatibility

The core import function is fully POSIX-compliant, and maximum compatibility is the goal. import is unit tested against the following shell implementations:

  • ash - Almquist Shell (BusyBox ash and Debian dash)
  • ksh - KornShell (oksh, mksh and loksh flavors)
  • zsh - Z Shell
  • bash - GNU's Bourne Again SHell

📚 Documentation