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🐛 Chrome ADB(Android Debug Bridge) Client
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ChromeADB is a Chrome ADB (Android Debug Bridge) client.

When launched, you can see all devices connected to your machine if the ADB connection is successful.
Click a device that you want to control or monitor. And enjoy!


How to install

  • Install node.js
  • $ npm install -g bower
  • $ bower install
  • Open chrome://extensions in your Chrome.
  • Check Developer mode
  • Select Load unpacked extensions...
  • Open $CHROMEADB_HOME/src

How to build

  • $ npm install -g grunt-cli
  • $ npm install
  • $ grunt
  • Check a zip file in $CHROMEADB_HOME/package


  • ADB included in Android SDK
  • Start ADB daemon
    • $ adb start-server
  • ChromeADB for Android (Optional)

How to use

Are you an Android developer?
No description needed anymore :)

Chrome Store




BrickSimple Public License 1.0 (Based on the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0). See the LICENSE file.

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