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  1. give

    Democratizing Generosity - The best way to accept donations on WordPress

    PHP 180 117

  2. google-maps-builder

    One Google Maps plugin to rule them all. Google Maps Builder is intuitive, sleek, powerful and easy to use. Forget the rest, use the best.

    PHP 29 10

  3. wp-rollback

    Rollback any plugin or theme to a previous (or newer) version.

    JavaScript 40 14

  4. Open-Table-Widget

    A significantly improved Open Table Widget for WordPress

    JavaScript 2

  5. give-settings-api-example

    For developers who want to create metabox and settings fields using the Give Settings API

    PHP 3 1

  6. give-snippet-library

    A collection of code snippets to enhance or expand on the free Give WordPress Donation Plugin.

    PHP 59 48

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