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@@ -197,42 +197,11 @@ EXAMPLES AND DEMOS
[impress.js demo]( by [@bartaz](
-### Presentations
+### Other examples
-[CSS 3D transforms]( from [meet.js summit]( by [@bartaz](
+More examples and demos can be found on [Examples and demos wiki page](
-[What the Heck is Responsive Web Design]( by John Polacek [@johnpolacek](
-[ presentation to Digibury]( by Stephen Fulljames [@fulljames](
-[Data center virtualization with Wakame-VDC]( by Andreas Kieckens [@Metallion98](!/Metallion98)
-[Asynchronous JavaScript]( by Mariusz Nowak [@medikoo](
-[Introduction to Responsive Design]( by Alec Rust [@alecrust] (
-[Bonne année 2012]( by Edouard Cunibil [@DuaelFr](
-[Careers in Free and Open Source Software]( by Exequiel Ceasar Navarrete [@ichigo1411](
-[HTML5 Future : to infinity and beyond!]( by Sylvain Weber [@sylvainw](
-### Websites and portfolios
-[]( by @lioshi
-[]( by Al Ingham [@alingham](
-[]( by [@NiceShots](
-[museum140]( Shorty Award promo video [entirely made with ImpressJS]( by [@thingsinjars](
-[]( by [@elecmal](
-[]( by Romain Wurtz
-If you have used impress.js in your presentation (or website) and would like to have it listed here,
-please contact me via GitHub or send me a pull request to updated `` file.
+Feel free to add your own example presentations (or websites) there.

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